Push notifications for your Shopify website on iPhone, Android phones & Computers

  • Get notifications for Abandoned Checkout, Card, Orders & Campaigns
  • Add the PeakPush app from the Shopify App Store to your store
  • Communicate with your customers by sending Push notifications to their phones

Shopify Store Developers & Owners

It’s a snap to get started and best of all it’s FREE for a limited time and for a limited number of customers

Push notification on iPhones, Android & computers
  • Only app on Shopify to provide push for iPhone
  • Add notifications to your store in minutes
  • Just takes minutes to install &setup
  • No coding needed
Push notifications on iPhone
  • A notification pass/card added to the Wallet app
  • Users subscribe for notifications from the store's page
  • Notifications shown on the native iPhone screen
  • Shown on the card in the Wallet & in the store's web page
'Notification Inbox' widget on store
  • App adds a 'Notification Inbox' widget to store page(s)
  • Customize 'Notification Inbox' location & page(s)
  • Users can view/manage notifications
  • Control allowed notifications thru Preference setup
'Guaranteed delivery of notifications
  • Web push notification are "fire & forget"
  • Significant # of undelivered & lost notifications.
  • 'Notification Inbox' & server technology guarantee's delivery
  • Customers get notification in realtime or in 'Inbox' when offline
Get notified for various events
  • Abandoned checkout: Notify customers who leave without completing checkout
  • Order updates: Update customers about change their order status
  • Send notification to infrequent visitors of website to increase sales
  • Send custom segmented notification campaigns
Customize app UI, content and account
  • Customize colors, logo & text of notification widget
  • Update text & time of when the notifications are sent
  • Select notification widget location & pages displayed
  • Choose plans & payment based on need and usage