Introducing the "Pilot Briefcase" mobile app for iPad and iPhone - App automatically downloads, saves and updates all documents that you want your pilot members to have access.

  • How are your pilots getting and using their flight documents (flight briefings, plans, plane documents, navigation logs, fuel releases, approach plates, weather reports, ..)?
  • Email ? Website ? Dropbox ? Print ? Google docs ? Paid service ?
  • All of these are either manual, inconvenient, time consuming or frustrating approaches in today's modern digital world.
  • What if your pilots had access to all needed documents organized and readily available in a free mobile app for use anytime and anywhere?

Membership capabilities built for business

It’s a snap to get started and best of all it’s FREE for a limited time and for a limited number of customers

  • Free download for users
  • Login provisioned
  • Documents saved on device
  • Documents are auto updated
  • Use anytime & anywhere
  • Web based portal dashboard
  • Provision app users/members
  • Create & organize folders
  • Upload PDF's, video's images
  • Add staff members for access
  • Create app access profile
  • import existing members
  • Assign documents to members
  • Send push notification
  • Send updates to members

For flight schools and flight service operators

Signup for Peak Engage Pilot Document services in minutes and you are ready to go.

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Access to document management portal

A web based doc mgmt dashboard

Acct owner add staffs for access

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Provision your members for mobile app access

Import existing members

Add new members

Create folders to organize documents

Set folder display order

Add background image to use

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Upload documents into assigned folders

Upload PDF's, Video's, images

Set files for auto assignment

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Assign documents/folders to members

Use search to find files to assign

Assign/remove files to users

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Send push update

Push notification send to users app

App downloads/updates assigned files